What is Ambient?

Ambient is an intuitive front-end framework for fast, app website development.


Ambient, from Four51. Ambient was created at Four51 in Early 2015 by Ken Buras.

Ambient is my vision for the design of layout methodology.

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Sometimes I have layout that plays well with a traditional grid paradigm but sometimes I need more. This can mean learning grid classes for structure with floats, off-set columns and media queries. I liked reusing classes for design but I became frustrated with classes for structure that were not very clear.

An open-sourced framework

I wanted to build an open-sourced framework. A lightweight & modular HTML5 layout methodology. The CSS should make use of HTML5 (no classes), and provide layout for both portrait & landscape orientations.

So, I created Ambient.


am·bi·ent /'ambēənt/ adjective

  1. of the surrounding area or environment
  2. completely surrounding; encompassing
  3. creating a certain reaction or mood, often a subconscious one, by being wherever people tend to be
  4. pertaining to or noting sounds that create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere
  5. pertaining to or noting close and constant social contact and communication fostered by the Internet or the use of digital devices