An advanced CSS framework

Ambient is an intuitive front-end framework for fast, app website development.

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Built as a lightweight and modular HTML5 layout methodology.


Ambient makes it easy for you to scaffold HTML5.


Avoids presentational CSS classes in the markup.


Provides layout for both portrait & landscape.


The beauty of CSS design. Ambient is pure, minimal and transparent.

Open Source

All are welcome to contribute. Bring your ideas on how we can help design the code.

MIT License

Ambient is free to use, copy, merge, publish and distribute without any limitations. This content is released under the MIT License.

Active Development

Ambient is a project by I only see spots.


am·bi·ent /'ambēənt/ adjective

  1. of the surrounding area or environment
  2. completely surrounding; encompassing
  3. creating a certain reaction or mood, often a subconscious one, by being wherever people tend to be
  4. pertaining to or noting sounds that create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere
  5. pertaining to or noting close and constant social contact and communication fostered by the Internet or the use of digital devices