What is Sawss?

Sawss is an intuitive front-end framework for HTML5 development.


Semantic AWare Style Sheet (Sawss)

Sawss, from Ken Buras. Sawss is my vision for the design of layout methodology.

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  3. Semantic AWare Style Sheet (Sawss)

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An open-sourced framework

I wanted to build an open-sourced framework. A lightweight & modular HTML5 layout methodology. The CSS should make use of HTML5 (no classes) and provide layout for both portrait & landscape orientation.

So, I created Sawss.

Move the web forward


Sawss is a project by Ken Buras. I am excited to contribute to the the advancement (and understanding) of HTML5 layout.

Sawss is designed with the following.

Project Description
Normalize.css A project by Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal
Less A project by lots of people
cursor-reset.css A project by Tim Murtaugh
Typeplate.css A project by Dennis Gaebel and Zachary Kain
HTML5 Boilerplate A project by lots of people

Sawss editor is designed with:


Here is a list of resources I have found to be the most helpful.